Company profile

Tyazhpressmash — a company with a sixty five years’ experience in machine building activities – is one of the leading Russian companies. Tyazhpressmash maintains good business relations with various sectors of Russian industry. We cooperate with oil-and gas producing companies, automobile producers, railway and aircraft industries, nuclear industry, municipal engineering and many others.

Tyazhpressmash has at its disposal great scientific and technological potential and comprehensive production and technical facilities, including state-of-the-art specially designed equipment which provides the opportunity to implement the complete production cycle starting from technological concepts generation and engineering design and up to finish product output. Each new project is started with model-based analysis and selection of an optimized manufacturing method. Design engineering, kinematic analysis and strength analysis are performed by means of up-to-date industry-standard software such as Сompass, SolidWorks, QForm, Deform 3D. It helps to ensure production of high technology, knowledge-intensive and competitive products in a relatively short time. Separate line of our company’s activity is modernization and overhaul of press forging equipment, including guarantee- and post guarantee maintenance.

Tyazhpressmash facilities consist of a unique system of large production shops. The production shops accommodate the following production divisions: iron-, steel- and non-ferrous casting, forging, welding and machining and assembly. Our production facilities compose a complete in-house interacting production system.