Production capabilities

Production capacities (PDF)

Metallurgical production division is capable to produce primary metal products for various industries according to individual requirements of our customers. Our in-house metallurgical sector includes the following melting facilities: DC Electric-Arc Furnace (Model ДППТУ-20), AC Electric-Arc Furnace (Model ДС6Н-1), DC Electric-Arc Furnace (Model ДППТУ-1),  Induction-Arc Furnace (Model ИСТ-1), Nonferrous Melting Furnaces (Models СМД-0,6С and ДМ-5). A lost-foam casting line was recently installed in the metallurgical shop for small-batch and large-batch production of shaped castings, and required lost-foam foundry patterns are developed and produced right here in our  production shop.  The main primary metal products supplied by our company are forged components and forged-and-machined components in 70 grades of steels and alloys, mainly in tool-steels. We produce components in the following range of overall dimensions: shafts in diameters up to 700 mm and lengths up to 10000 mm; plates in widths up to 1300 mm; rings in diameters up to 2400 mm, weights up to 9 ton. Necessary testing equipment for mechanical properties testing, US-testing acc. to GOSТ24507-80 and other relevant standards are also available. On our presses we employ a four-die forging device which serves to implement radial forging technique in the primary metal production process. When forged in this device, an ingot evtl. a billet is reduced from all four sides simultaneously at each press stroke. This technique provides for intensive stretching of a component being forged, which results in a higher reduction ratio.

On the basis of a project developed by Tyazhpressmash in cooperation with TSNIITMASH in 2016 a centrifugal casting machine РМЦ1000 was built and installed at our premises. The machine is capable to produce cast parts which can be used in two ways: as a component of cast products or as an initial component in production of forged thick-walled pipes and rings of various sizes and shapes. Cast parts produced on the РМЦ1000 are intended to manufacture a large variety of hollow products in wide range of sizes which can be used to build critical components for nuclear-, energy producing-, petrochemical- and other industries.

Our efforts are concentrated on introduction of innovative technologies, upgrading of our production facilities and revamping of equipment used in the metallurgical production sector since this is the best way to increase forged metal production volumes, reduce production costs and improve quality of our primary metal products.


Boiler welding division Our welding facilities are capable to weld various metals and alloys with consumable or nonconsumable electrodes using either gas-shielded or submerged arc welding techniques. We can weld components in dimensions up to 16 х 6 х 6 m and in weights up to 125 ton; welding jobs performed here include overlay welding and welding of rotary bodies in diameters up to 2.5 m, lengths up to 7 m and weights up to 6 ton. Production operations like bending, gas cutting, plasma cutting, water jet cutting, welding of non-rotating pipe joints and other jobs are performed on high-efficiency equipment. Our welding facilities consist of up-to-date automatic welding machinery from Lincoln Electric, Fronius and Forsage; besides, we employ robotic welding stations based on Fanuc robots with power supply units Kemppi and Fronius.  Steel structures of the following overall dimensions can be welded at our welding shop: length up to 16 m, height up to 6 m, width up to 6 m, weight up to 125 ton. We employ the following bending machinery: Bending rolls (Model ИВ1800), 250 ton Hydraulic press (Model И1434А), Edge-bending machine (Model STS 63/2550) and guillotine-shears. CNC gas-cutting stations available are: Crystal — 2,5 cutting station with the rail track length of 20.0 m suitable to cut plates in widths up to 2.5 m, Gas + plasma cutter suitable to cut plates in thickness up to 250 mm, laser cutting station LASERMAK 4000.3×1,5 with maximum cutting thickness 12.0 mm, plate dimensions 1.5 х 3.0 m, water jet cutting station ТКW420 capable to cut material up to  160.0 mm thick, plate dimensions 1.5 х 3.0 m. Our cutting machinery can be used to cut non-metal materials and tempered steel.


Machining and Assembly division  Our machine shops are equipped with specialized processing equipment capable to produce with high accuracy various structural and basic machine parts in weights up to  125 ton and overall dimensions up to 3000х3000х12000 mm. We employ a large equipment fleet of boring machinery including Skoda boring machines, multi-purpose machines like Line planner-type milling machine, continuous rotary milling grinding boring machine Berthiez,  specialized machines capable to produce heavy-duty crankshafts with one-, two- and three crankpins. Vertical turning and boring jobs can be performed on components in diameters up to 6300 mm and height up to 3200 mm. On our CNC lathes and milling machines we can produce machined components of any complexity level in lengths up to 3000 mm and diameters up to 600 mm, make thread cutting operations on oil/gas pipes in diameters up to 320 mm and lengths up to 12000 mm, produce columns and bars in diameters up to 2000 mm and lengths up to 21 m, cylinders and rams in diameters up to 2000 mm and lengths up to 10 m. On the basis of a License Agreement between Tyazhpressmash and ТМК-Premium Service we can cut seven types of ТМК series  premium threads. Installed in our production shops are numerous CNC machine tools, some of them are so called machining centers capable to perform nearly all the machining operations at one set-up and with high accuracy. Liquid paint and lacquer coatings are applied not only by means of standard compressed-air spray guns; we also employ an airless spraying unit (Model  DMX-1500) which serves to apply a more uniform and paint-saving coatings on hard-to-reach surfaces. Employed to dry-out paint coatings are thee drying chambers of Helios AirMax series with the following maximum capacities: 15 m in length, 4.5 m in width and 5 m in height. To apply powder coatings we use the method of electrostatic spraying of painting powders. Available is also a powder painting chamber produced at Mahaon.


Electroplating division The following jobs are performed in our electroplating division: hard chromium plating and bright chromium plating on components up to 2 m long, bright zinc plating with transparent chrome plating or iridescent chrome plating on components up to 1 m long, chemical oxidation with oiling for components up to 1 m, chemical oxidation with oiling for components up to 500 mm, chemical phosphatizing with oiling for components up to 1.5 m, cadmium plating with iridescent chrome plating for components up to 1 m long, microarc oxidation for aluminum- and aluminum alloy components with a surface area not exceeding 25dm2.


Production of industrial rubber goods and plastics Workshop used to produce industrial rubber goods and plastics is equipped with rolls of ПД320 type and two machines of МЧТ-63 and МЧТ-125 types employed to gage shaped initial components in the range of cross-sections from 0.71 cm2 to 23.5 cm2, which serves to optimize the vulcanizing process. Six hydraulic presses equipped with heating pads (Models Д0437, Д2430 and  КД2126) in capacities up to 500 ton are employed to produce both standard industrial rubber goods according to GOSТ9833-73; 8752-79; 6678-72; 24811-81; 22704-77;14896-84 and special goods made of rubber mixtures, reinforced and rubber-fabric goods in lengths up to 500 mm. Two 160 ton automatic molding machines (Model ДЕ3132-250) and an autoclave press made here at our premises are employed to produce specialized polyamide-, polypropylene-, polyethylene products in weights up to 500 g. by means pressure-die casting. Besides, we have implemented a new technology of  fluorocarbon powder sintering with subsequent surface machining to produce components in outside diameters up to 280 mm.


Heat treatment division. Our heat treatment facilities include all necessary equipment for various heat treatment processing of components made of structural and alloy steels: annealing, normalization, quenching, tempering, nitride hardening and HFC hardening. Nitride hardening is performed on components up to 900 mm in diameter and up to 6000 mm long. Large-size components hardening is performed for the following products: bars, rolls, columns, rams in diameters of 100 to 500 mm and in length up to 6000 mm, gear wheels made of carbon -, structural- and tool steels in diameters of 1000 to 3500 mm. Production facilities available at our workshops are permanently maintained at high technical level; continuous upgrading, refitting and production capacities expansion are our regular activities. With a view to enhance strength, durability and reliability of our cast-iron and steel products, we implement all kinds of state-of-art heat treatment, chemical treatment and hardening processing.


Research laboratories.  Available at Tyazhpressmash are comprehensive test facilities and specialized certified research laboratories which are capable to perform destructive and non-destructive testing of metal micro- and macrostructure, mechanical properties and chemical composition. Specialized testing benches are employed to make leakage test for cylinders under pressure up to 100 MPa. Both pneumatic and hydraulic tests can be performed.