Mounting supervision and set-up/commissioning services

The mounting supervision and set-up/commissioning services are rendered in accordance with an agreement between the supplier and customer where all the requirements and responsibilities of their cooperation are considered.

Installation and mounting of equipment supplied is normally performed by the Customer’s stuff evtl. subcontractor stuff under supervision provided by the supplier OAO Tyazhpressmash. The supplier’s technicians come directly to mounting- and production site to render their services.

Machinery commissioning and trial, setting-up of all the machine units and mechanisms to work in perfect interaction and guaranteed machine production parameters in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications —  these are the tasks that our highly skilled and experienced personnel fulfill. Upon completion of successful machine commissioning respective work completion certificate shall be issued.

If required by our Customer, we offer training for the Customer’s personnel to operate the equipment supplied.

Mounting supervision and set-up/commissioning performed by experience Supplier’s personnel is a real guarantee for the equipment reliable operation in accordance with the specified parameters and for fast on-site service in case of any malfunctions.