Quality management system

In 2007 Tyazhpressmash  developed and introduced the Quality management system and obtained the certification of its compliance with the requirements of international standard ISO 9001.
Currently the Quality management system is confirmed by certificates of compliance with the requirements of the following standards ISO 9001:2008, СТО Газпром 9001-2012, ГОСТ РВ 0015-002-2012.

Quality Policy
Tyazhpressmash in virtue of its great scientific and technological potential and comprehensive production and technical facilities is capable of carrying out a complete production cycle from engineering design up to the output of competitive products meeting the requirements of the consumers both in Russia and in foreign markets.

The main goals of Tyazhpressmash activity are:

— complete satisfaction of customer’s increasing requirements and expectations ;
— comprehensive consideration of Tyazhpressmash stockholders requirements and all the employees interests;
— enhance of production efficiency and reduction of overhead costs / unproductive;
— ensuring the conformity of the company’s activity with the requirements of current regulations and legal acts in the sphere of health and labor protection and maintenance of industrial security;
— risks minimization and  prevention of accidents and personal health deterioration;
— information security improvement.

To achieve the target goals the following tasks should be fulfilled:

— arrangement and development of mutually beneficial cooperation with customers and suppliers;
— encouragement of responsibility and integration of the employees in the continuous process of the product quality improvement, operation efficiency increase and satisfaction of domestic and foreign customers requirements;
— increase in profits by means of sales growth, labor productivity development and production cost reduction;
— improvement of working conditions via implementation of a program on technical upgrading and modernization of production facilities;
— organization of continuous training activities, employees training and education;
— implementation of the effective employee incentive program in the course of increase in labor productivity and employee satisfaction.

The main guide principle of our company is high quality and right-on-time execution of the orders and provision of services. Top executive management of Tyazhpressmash undertakes the obligation to ensure the implementation of the Management System Policy and to keep it up to date in accordance with the time-variable requirements of the market, consumers and society.