Revamping and repair of equipment

ОАО Tyazhpressmash has a vast experience with major overhaul and revamping of forging machinery of our own production and produced by other manufacturers, including machines from foreign producers. If necessary, our service engineers are available to render major overhaul and revamping services directly at the customer’s site.

Overhaul and revamping of used equipment forging machinery produced at OAO Tyazhpressmash
The main aim of any major overhaul and revamping of used forging equipment of our own production is to get – with minimized downtime and at minimum cost —  the machines of up-to-date technical level. Upon completion of such revamping jobs our customer gets  a machine which is as good in its performance as a new one; besides, we render a suppliers guarantee for it – just like for a new machine.

Overhaul and revamping of used equipment forging machinery produced by other manufacturers
Based on experience of major overhaul and revamping of own production machinery, OAO Tyazhpressmash experts render their services for on-site major overhaul and repair of similar equipment produced by other manufacturers. They do it in the shortest time, and upon completion of such revamping the user gets from us a suppliers guarantee for the revamped machine just similar to a new machine guarantee. Employment of state-of-art components expands the performance capacities of revamped machine and makes its maintenance efficient and user-friendly.

Experience and knowledge gained from overhaul and revamping activities alongside other benefits build a beneficial base for successful development of new similar machinery, and in such case the development period is obviously shorter as compared to a machine development starting from clean sheet of paper.

Baseline design upgrading
ОАО Tyazhpressmash produces mainly custom-built equipment in single-machine production mode.  Intervals between building the machine of same type can last from several years to several decades.

Upgrading of existing baseline design certainly involves introduction of new technical solutions arising out of state-of-art forming techniques development and employment of newly developed advanced components, and only upon such necessary upgrading the machine design is approved for production.

Among the equipment from other producers which was overhauled and revamped  by our experts are the following machines: 250 ton- and 400 ton hydraulic presses produced by Odessa forging machine building plant (models ПА7834 and П7836, manufacturing years: 1970-ies ), a BLISS press, a GFM radial swaging machine and a number of machines of our own production.

Profound upgrading was recently made to our Production Lines (Models Л324.32.100, Л324.21.100, АКА0334.31 and other) which are produced by our company since 1976 and are supplied to bearing manufacturers in Russia and CIS countries. The upgraded Production Lines are now in complete conformity with the highest up-to-date performance standards.

A major overhaul and upgrading were also made recently to our Upsetter Model В1136 thus significantly expanding its performance capacities.